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What is SMT mean? What are the advantages of SMT?

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What is SMT mean? What are the advantages of SMT?
Latest company news about What is SMT mean? What are the advantages of SMT?

Introduction to SMT Basics

SMT is the abbreviation of Surface Mount Technology, The assembly technology that directly solders the components to the specified position on the surface of the PCB without drilling insertion holes in the PCB.


Features of SMT (Surface Mount Technology)
From the above definition, we know that SMT is developed from the traditional through hole insertion technology (THT), but it is different from the traditional THT. So, what are the advantages of SMT compared with THT? The following are its most prominent advantages:

1. High assembly density, small size and light weight of electronic products. The volume and weight of SMD components are only about 1/10 of traditional plug-in components. Generally, after SMT is adopted, the volume of electronic products is reduced by 40% to 60%, and the weight is reduced by 60%. %~80%.

2. High reliability and strong anti-vibration ability. Low solder joint defect rate.

3. Good high frequency characteristics. Reduce electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

4. It is easy to realize automation and improve production efficiency.

5. Reduce costs by 30%~50%. Save materials, energy, equipment, manpower, time, etc.

The use of surface mount technology (SMT) is a trend in the electronics industry

We know the advantages of SMT, we must use these advantages to serve us, and with the miniaturization of electronic products, THT can not adapt to the product process requirements. Therefore, SMT is the development trend of electronic assembly technology.


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Its performance is:

1. The pursuit of miniaturization of electronic products makes the previously used perforated plug-in components unable to meet their requirements.

2. Electronic products have more complete functions. Due to their powerful functions and numerous pins, the integrated circuits (ICs) used cannot be made into traditional perforated components, especially large-scale and highly integrated ICs, which have to use surface mount components. Package.

3. With mass production of products and automation of production, the factory must produce high-quality products with low cost and high output to meet customer needs and strengthen market competitiveness.

4. The development of electronic components, the development of integrated circuits (IC), and the multiple applications of semiconductor materials.

5. High performance of electronic products and higher assembly precision requirements.

6. The revolution of electronic technology is imperative and follow the international trend.

SMT-related technical components

SMT developed from the 1970s to the widely used electronic assembly technology in the 1990s. Because of its involvement in multi-disciplinary fields, it was relatively slow in the early stage of development. With the coordinated development of various disciplines, SMT was rapidly developed and popularized in the 1990s. After the 21st century, SMT has become the mainstream of electronic assembly technology.

The following are SMT related disciplines and technologies

1. Design and manufacturing technology of electronic components and integrated circuits

2. Circuit design technology of electronic products

3. Circuit board manufacturing technology

4. Design and manufacturing technology of automatic placement equipment

5. Circuit assembly manufacturing process technology

6. Development and production technology of auxiliary materials used in assembly manufacturing

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