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The future of automotive electronics PCBA

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The future of automotive electronics PCBA

In today's social development trend, the basic construction of ecological civilization and the management methods of ecological environmental protection have become more and more urgent. Because the ecological environment is immediately related to people's social reproduction, it is the future life project of mankind. In response to environmental protection measures, autonomous driving and new energy vehicles have gradually become popular. Well-known companies in this area include Tesla, BYD, and NIO, which directly drive the growth of customer orders for automotive electronics PCBA manufacturers. In addition, because of the high requirements on the reliability of automotive electronic PCBs, the threshold of automotive electronic PCBs is high, and the profitable indoor space is also very considerable. Regarding the development prospects of automotive electronics PCBA production, FASTPCBA will make a simple analysis for you, for reference only.


(1) Autonomous driving and new energy vehicles have greatly increased the use of automotive printed circuit boards

With the gradual transition from traditional vehicles to autonomous vehicles and the promotion of new energy vehicles supported by policies, in order to adapt to the application of new technologies, the demand for automotive PCB electronic control boards continues to increase, and automotive PCB circuit boards are increasingly used . It is predicted that in the future, with the improvement and popularization of technology, the level of automotive intelligent system will be further improved.


(2) Millimeter-wave radar has created a great demand for high-frequency PCB circuit boards

At this stage, millimeter-wave radar is in a fast development trend, and the average value of bicycles using millimeter-wave radar is expected to increase again in the future. In addition, radar high-frequency circuits have high demands on PCB circuit board plates and manufacturing processes. Therefore, the automotive radar pcb board will produce higher added value for the pcba manufacturing industry.


(3) New energy vehicle power battery BMS technology upgrade potential is great

BATTERYMANAGEMENTSYSTEM (BMS) is the link between the battery and the user. The main object is the secondary battery, mainly to improve the utilization of the battery and prevent the battery from overcharging and overdischarging. As one of the hardware foundations of BMS, PCB circuit board components will certainly benefit from its industry development. At present, the use area of ​​luxury car PCB is about 2-3 square meters. Assuming that the use area of ​​new energy car PCB is 2 square meters, 2,000 yuan per square meter, the global market size of new energy car PCB in 2020 is 16.4 billion yuan .


(4) High barriers to entry for automotive printed circuit board processing

Due to the special working environment, safety and high current demand characteristics of automobiles, the reliability and environmental adaptability of PCB circuit boards are very strict, which indirectly leads to the high threshold of PCBA. According to people in the automotive industry, zero defect rate is the basic demand of international manufacturers for PCBA suppliers, and it also determines whether they can enter the field of automotive PCB processing. Due to the high barriers to entry for automotive PCBs, car manufacturers generally do not randomly replace certified suppliers in cooperation. Therefore, once PCBA manufacturers can smoothly enter the supply chain of major international manufacturers, they will not only bring long-term stable orders to the company, but also bring relatively ample room for growth for the company's operations due to the high threshold of the industry.

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